By promoting “pop computing” apps to kids in schools, we aren’t doing the hard thinking that defines what the subject of computing is today, and most importantly, what it can be in the future. A new approach to learning mass computing is needed to get 55 million students in 130,000 public schools to learn to master the computer languages and computing innovation practices of the future.We are doing a disservice to kids by assuming that they can’t grasp industry-standard languages, complex computer science topics, and applications. By limiting them, we undermine their capabilities and stifle their creative and inventive potential.

Source: American schools are teaching our kids how to code all wrong — Quartz

I’m pretty sure this article was written by a computer science major who is not a teacher. Students need to be able to walk before they run, and using simplified ways of programming, such as the blocks in Scratch, does not mean that they can’t apply what they’ve learned to high level programming later.

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