It’s no longer enough—if it ever was—for teachers to lecture to a row of desks; today’s teacher must be more of a coach. The task now is to help students understand what they need to know, strategize about what they need to do next and engage in critical problem-solving—all while helping them understand how information in the arts, sciences and mathematics fit together.

Source: Four Tools to Merge the Digital and Physical in Your Maker Classroom | EdSurge News

I get so excited when a see a classroom of today, especially at the elementary level. Such a change from 20 years ago when the desks were still in rows and most work was completed out of workbooks (your past may vary). When reading about the maker movement, I can’t help but wonder how different my education would have been if there was a push to make way back then. But, I did grow up on a farm, and we were constantly faced with problems for which we had to design solutions, and that there was no right answer.