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The transformation spans hardware (thinner, lighter, smaller, cheaper, longer battery life, instant on/off, touch, sensors, connectivity, etc.), operating systems (more: secure, reliable, maintainable, robust, etc.), and app software (refactored, renewed, reimagined, etc.). It is the combination of these attributes, however, causing a change as fundamental as the leap from mainframe to workstation, from character-based to graphical OS, from desktop to laptop, from client/server to web — perhaps equal to all

Source: My Tablet Has Stickers — Learning By Shipping — Medium

In 2010 I was in need of a new laptop, and Apple was about to release a new product called an iPad. I was very happy with my iPod Touch I bought in 2008, so I wondered if an iPad could be a laptop replacement. I bought the iPad, and apparently I was pretty impressed with it. The honeymoon didn’t last, and I ended up buying a Macbook Air 11″ when it was released that October.

Today, could an iPad be a replacement for a laptop? I’m pretty sure it depends on your workflow. There are things I do almost every day in the classroom that I can’t do on the iPad, such as screencasts. But, I’m still wonder about the iPad, basically, for one reason. It’s the only portable device with a 4:3 ratio for the screen. No one makes a 4:3 laptop.

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