Do students learn as much when they read digitally as they do in print?

For both parents and teachers, knowing whether computer-based media are improving or compromising education is a question of concern. With the surge in popularity of e-books, online learning and open educational resources, investigators have been trying to determine whether students do as well when reading an assigned text on a digital screen as on paper.

The answer to the question, however, needs far more than a yes-no response.

Source: Guest Post: Do Students Lose Depth in Digital Reading? | The Digital Reader

Some interesting findings, but it puts e-ink readers like the Kindle in the same group as tablets like the iPad. Reading on a Kindle is a totally different experience, as it is easier on the eyes (more like paper). It seems that when I’m reading on my Kindle I enjoy the process more than books. I think part of the experience is the fact that holding a Kindle and dealing with page turns is faster than a regular book. I’m also more likely to highlight phrases for later, and those phrases are easy to find because they can be searched.

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