I’ve made a promise to myself and my students: I have decided this year that I am making over my classroom into a “21st century” classroom. “What is a 21st century classroom?” you ask. 21st century classrooms include flexible seating, 1:1 technology, and student-led learning—in my opinion. But as in all classrooms, moving into the next century doesn’t mean that you completely forget everything you know. And what’s one crucial part of every successful K-12 learning environment—perhaps even the most difficult part of being a teacher?

Classroom management.

Source: ‘Let It Go’: A New Set of Classroom Management Strategies for the 21st Century | EdSurge News

Classroom management is the most important skill a teachers needs to have. It doesn’t matter what else the teacher can do, if they can’t manage their classroom then student learning will be difficult.

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