Attend a Maker Faire is part 10 of 13 Ways Teachers Can Hack Their Learning.

10. Attend a Maker Faire (13 Ways Teachers Can Hack Their Learning)

Last year we were in Detroit for a family vacation. One of our planned stops was the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. As we were driving to the museum, we noticed how busy it was which seemed odd. And then, before turning in into the drive to the museum, I spied a sign for Maker Faire Detroit. Upon closer examination, I saw it was the day we were planning on going to the museum. I couldn’t believe my luck! So, through sheer luck, we got to attend our first Maker Faire!

Does this bike make me look fat?
Does this bike make me look fat?

Maker Faires are a place where most of the activities are hands on, and the experiences are different from almost any other type of conference or fair that you can attend. My daughter took a soldering class the first year, and this past summer my wife and daughter weaved baskets. There are tons of other activities and inspiring ideas. In some ways, it’s a real life Pinterest.

For more informations and schedules of upcoming Maker Faires, visit the Maker Faire website.



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