I’m much better at controlling myself now than I was when I was a kid. I’m more organized and less impulsive. Why is that? What happened in my brain to make this happen?

A study published yesterday in Current Biology could have a clue. Scientists studied the changes that happen in the brain as kids become adults. During this process is where they, hopefully, also become much more well-behaved. In a sense, scientists analyzed the physical changes that occur as “executive function” — the set of skills associated with greater discipline and focus — develops. Executive function skills are crucial; they play a role in everything from drug use to how much education a person completes.

Source: The way our brains age helps us develop more self-control as we get older – The Verge

Could this research help with the over diagnosis of ADHD? Since the researchers use brain imaging, they could see when the connections in the brain aren’t being developed.