Our Internet-driven society has seen a decline in book reading, though not necessarily a decline in reading altogether. Despite book readers being less common than in past decades, we all do a fair amount of reading each day on our smartphones – reading messages from friends, or tweets, emails, Facebook posts, notifications, articles, and so on.

Source: Serial Reader Adapts Books for the Smartphone Age – MacStories

‎Serial Reader is an app for the iPhone and iPad that will send you new portion of a literary classic. Each snippet is created for a reading time of 20 minutes or less. The only books available are public domain, so it may be a challenge to find a book that students will find interesting. And some of these classics are definitely a product of their time. I started to read The Picture of Dorian Gray but it’s been a slog to get through. It appears that every paragraph is in actuality one sentence.

I subscribed to Moby Dick, a book I’ve never read. We’ll see how it goes.

The app is free to use, although there in-app purchases for features such as Cloud Sync and Read Ahead.

If you don’t have iOS devices, DailyLit will do the same thing, only over email.


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