6 ways to refine your teaching craft

By: Kevin Dooley

However talented, no one is a natural-born teacher. Honing the craft takes significant care and effort, not just by the individual, but also by the school at large. Though experience does matter, it matters only to the extent that a teacher — regardless of how long he or she has been in the classroom — commits to continued professional development to refresh his or her status as a transformational teacher. Along those lines, even after a decade in the classroom, I don’t claim to be beyond criticism — not in the least. Still, I wish to offer some advice on constantly striving toward perfection, however elusive that goal will always remain.

Source: How to Become and Remain a Transformational Teacher | Edutopia

Teaching is hard work. You’re constantly re-inventing yourself, working at becoming the best you can be. I love this list, especially for motivation!

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