More than 950 accredited schools no longer require the ACT or SAT for admission

This can’t be great news for the owners of the ACT and the SAT college admissions exams, but the list of colleges and universities that no longer require scores from those tests to be submitted with a student application keeps growing.

The list of test-optional schools maintained by the nonprofit National Center for Fair and Open Testing now has more than 950 accredited schools that award bachelor’s degrees, with more than 275 highly ranked in their tiers of the U.S. News & World Report annual rankings. The center, known as FairTest, is dedicated to ending the misuse of standardized tests.

Source: The list of test-optional colleges and universities keeps growing — despite College Board’s latest jab – The Washington Post

Interesting that the push back toward standardized testing has now reached secondary education. Is the ACT and/or SAT a valid measure for college readiness? Or are they just being used to weed out otherwise exemplar students?

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