Xerox Parc created amazing technologies. How did this happen?

By: sporst

There was a vision: “The destiny of computers is to become interactive intellectual amplifiers for everyone in the world pervasively networked worldwide”.

A few principles:

Source: Alan Kay’s answer to What made Xerox PARC special? Who else today is like them? – Quora

In the 70s, Xerox Parc was THE research facility in the United States. Technology such as the graphical user interface, ethernet networking, and the laser printer was created at Xerox Parc.

A couple of the principles Mr. Kay lays out are mindblowing:

Fund people not projects — the scientists find the problems not the funders. So, for many reasons, you have to have the best researchers.

This one was particular mindblowing. Find the best people, and provide the support they need to create great things.

Problem Finding — not just Problem Solving

Progress is made on solving problems, and if you can’t find problems to solve, then you’re not making any progress.

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