A gluttony of information and ease of sharing are a bad mix

In August, Superintendent Michael Hynes wrote an outstanding article focusing on the fact that kids need recess because their mental health may depend on it. The article will most likely be one of the most viewed Education Week opinion posts of 2018 because it was shared over 300,000 times to date. Not only was the post shared 300,000 times, it was also “liked” numerous times on each one of those shares.


The interesting part is that it was read 100,000 times. That is an outstanding number of views for a post, which is why it will be at the top of the list for 2018. However, it’s interesting that it was shared 3x more than it was actually read.

Source: Why Are We So Uninformed? We Don’t Read What We Share – Peter DeWitt’s Finding Common Ground – Education Week
Via: Linked – Why Are We So Uninformed? We Don’t Read What We Share.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I fall into this trap every once in awhile. It’s way too easy to hit retweet for an article that you see on Twitter.

Sometimes there is just too much good content out there to be able to read it all!


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