STEM before it was called STEM, old science shows get a second life

The Curiosity Show captured the imaginations of Aussie kids, teaching them simple science experiments to do at home.


It was produced in South Australia and ran nationally from 1972 until 1990.

Source: Curiosity Show gets a second chance at life, goes viral on YouTube – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Curiosity Show Youtube Channel is available here.

Another show that is gaining popularity is the Mr. Wizard show, which consists of Watch Mr. Wizard from 1951 to 1965 and Mr. Wizard’s World starting in 1983. I’m assuming the the Professor Proton character played by Bob Newhart on The Big Bang Theory was inspired by Mr. Wizard, but I can’t find anything definite. Mental Floss put together an entire article dedicated to Mr. Wizard, Weird Science: The Mr. Wizard Story.

There are channels on Youtube for both Watch Mr. Wizard and Mr. Wizard’s World.

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