Amazon App store on Chromebooks

In my initial post about Android on the Asus Flip Chromebook, I wrote how it was pretty easy to get the Amazon App store up and running.  Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. At the time, my Chromebook was in Developer Mode. This mode is different from the Developer Channel for ChromeOS. Developer Mode removes a lot of the security Google has put into ChromeOS, and the Chromebook is required to allow Android apps from other sources to run.

You can see the settings for allowing other Android Apps from other sources in the Android Settings. Go to Settings, and scroll down to the Android section. There is a link that will launch the Android settings.

AndroidSettingsfromChromeOSOnce the Android settings are open, click on Security.


The Chromebook needs to be put into Developer Mode to allow the switch to be toggled. Unfortunately, this will probably not be an option for most Chromebooks in schools. And even for personal Chromebooks I’d be hard pressed to run in Developer Mode for any length of time due to security issues.


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