Protopage as your start page

After my post about using bookmarks and the bookmarks toolbar, Alving Trusty reminded me about Protopage lets you easily create a web page with links, RSS feeds, and other widgets for quick access.


You can have your personal page of links that only you can see, but you can also set up other pages. For example, you could set up a page for each of your classes, and then the students will have quick access to items you want to share with them. Protopage also lets you set a password for the editing of a page, so departments or team teaching teachers can keep a page up to date.

You could use something like a Google Site instead, but a Google Site is cumbersome when compared to Protopage. Protopage also offers a Chrome extension for easily adding pages to your Protopage, along with an mobile version for tablets and phones. I’ve already set my new tab page in Chrome to my Protopage, although I do have one problem with Protopage. I can’t figure out how to export my links. I’ve emailed support and will update this article if I find out anything new.

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