Animation made easy with Animatron

Are you looking for a free version of GoAnimate? If so, then check out Animatron.

Once you create an account (Animatron supports Google logins) you can start creating your animation. After clicking on the Start Creating button, Animatron walks you through a short tutorial on usage.

There are two modes for creating an animation, Lite and Expert. I’ve only played with the Lite version, but it seems pretty powerful.

Each animation is created from scenes, and each scene has a background, characters, sounds, and text that can be placed on the scene. At the bottom of the screen is your timeline, which allows you to adjust movements and transitions of objects placed in the scene.

Every animation needs music, and there are a ton of musical tracks, along with sound effects to add to your animation. By clicking on the microphone at the top of the screen you can also record voice. A neat feature of recording is that the scene can also play, so students could add dialogue to characters in realtime.

Once your video is completed, there are a few ways to share and download your completed animations. On the free account, the downloaded files have an Animatron watermark and end graphic added.

Click to see the animation with sound!

It’s pretty fun to use, check it out!

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