Another great Chrome extension from Alice Keeler – Feedback Screenshots

Things that make me scowly is too many clicks and inefficient workflows. As teachers, we usually have to repeat our actions 30-150 times depending on how many students we have. While doing something once may be no big deal, does it scale? I found most of the screenshot tools required multiple steps to get the screenshot to the student. I developed QuickShare Screenshot to be fast and secure. QuickShare Screenshot saves only to your Google Drive.

Source: Google Classroom: Leave Feedback Screenshots – Teacher Tech

It’s a little confusing on setting the permissions. The extension places the screenshots into the QuickShare folder, so this folder needs to be shared with Anyone with the link can view. By setting the permissions on the folder, anything placed inside the folder will inherit the same permissions as the enclosing folder. So when the extension saves a screenshot into the folder, it’s automatically shared.

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