Assorted Stuff : Coding for Everyone (Who Wants It)

Kids certainly need to understand the concepts of programming, the logic behind the computing devices, visible and not, they use everyday. That needs to be a fundamental part of the basic course of study, replacing the rote processing and endless repetition in the K12 curriculum we call “math”.

The computer science classes need to be available for those kids who want to go further. Not to prepare them for one of the umpteen thousands of jobs the industry claims will go unfilled, but because the student chooses to explore an area of study that intrests them.

Source: Assorted Stuff : Coding for Everyone (Who Wants It)

Computer science is the study of what is possible with computers, and, as such, is a pretty high end concept. Just offering programming is not teaching computer science. Terence Eden has a great view of Learning to Code vs Learning Computer Science.

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