Google adds Android support to two more Chromebooks

Google recently added Google Play support to two more Chromebooks in Chrome OS’s developer channel. That means you can now run Android apps on three separate Chromebooks. The two new Chromebooks include the Acer Chromebook R 11 C738T, and Google’s own Chromebook Pixel, although in the 2015 version only.

Source: Early Android app support rolls out to two more Chromebooks

The Android support has gotten better and better on my Flip. Games that didn’t run at first now run, and apps seem to deal better with app rotation. And Plants Vs. Zombies still doesn’t work if I maximize it after the game as started. If I maximize it as soon as it launches, then I can play it. After the window is maximized when the game is playing, screen taps don’t match their location on screen.

My only other issue is with the file system. It appears that the only folder that can be seen from ChromeOS or Android is the Downloads folder. I can’t seem to find the Android files from the ChromeOS side or vice versa.

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