Autoslides – Automatically refresh Google Slides without reloading

Google presentations have a publishing function that makes it easy to spread. In this way they can easily be linked or embedded in web media. However, if the presentation slides are modified, it is necessary to reload the page that contains their published versions in the browser so that these changes are manifested. AutoSlides is capable of generating a self-hosted slide show, visible using a browser, that automatically refreshes at preset intervals without the need to manually reload the web page in the browser.
(Courtesy of Google Translate

Source: GitHub – pfelipm/autoslides

When you make changes to a Google Slides presentation, already running presentations will not pick up the changes. Examples are when using Google Slides for digital signage in your school. The work around right now is to force the show to reload on an interval, but this script is a lot nice solution.

The page is in Spanish, but Google Translate does a pretty good job if Spanish isn’t your native language.

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