Clipboard History 2 offers a multiple item clipboard for Chrome

One of the most powerful productivity tools that I use is the ability to store multiple items in the clipboard. I’ve written in the past how I do this, but until today I had not found one that worked on the Chromebooks (and the web clipboard in Google Docs doesn’t count).


Clipboard History 2 is a multiple item clipboard for Chrome that works under ChromeOS. After installing the extension, a new item shows up on the toolbar.


Every time you copy something in Chrome, it gets added to the clipboard history. Items can be sent to Google to be stored under your Google account, allowing items to be shared among your Chrome installations.

When using a multiple item clipboard manager, be sure you are aware of the security implications, especially if you copy and paste passwords. These would be available in the clipboard to anyone who has access to your machine, so you will want to remove those items from the clipboard when you are done with them.

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