Coding is about understanding technology

I think there are huge benefits of gaining a knowledge of technology in any profession and wholeheartedly welcome developing this knowledge in lawyers. I equally think law firms could do a huge amount to develop the knowledge of IT professionals in the practice of law, something that doesn’t get the airtime in the legal press. Innovation will come by looking at the problems and utilizing the whole workforce to solve them in new ways, not by simply retraining those that frankly are the core to any law firm, the lawyers.

Source: Lawyers coding – are we belittling the IT developers skills? | No Option for Law Firm
Via: Linked – Lawyers coding – are we belittling the IT developers skills?

This is an argument I hear a lot when we talk about students learning to program. A majority of them won’t become developers, so what’s the point.

The point is that we live in the most technologically advanced society that we know of. The basics of coding is all around us, and if we want to succeed, knowing how technology works will be beneficial.

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