Another obstacle in our student’s learning – Decision Fatigue

It turns out that doctors, more than most professionals, suffer from decision fatigue. The more decisions you make, particularly those that require careful deliberation and high stakes, the less willpower you have to make the next incremental decision. After an entire day of these types of decisions, you’re likely to avoid making any decision whatsoever.

Source: Decision fatigue is killing the knowledge worker. What can we do about it? – DEV Community ?‍??‍?

One of my passions is programming. I view programming projects as puzzles, where the solution can be anything you want, but it has to work. As such, I frequent non-educational sites such as

I view teachers and students as knowledge workers. This term applies to those who have work with information, which teachers and students do on a daily basis.

The idea of decision fatigue is pretty new to me, but it does make sense. What can we do to relieve ourselves and our students on decisions?

One big thing for me is a daily checklist. This gives me a guide of things that I have to do each day, minimizing my decisions on what to do next. I also have a task list I call today. This is where I file away all the tasks I need to do over the next day/week/month/year. One of my daily tasks is to look at my today list and mark which tasks I will be completing that day. Although I’m making some decisions now, it goes quickly and I can start working through what needs to be done.

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