Highlight or remove results from a Google Search with the Google Search Filter add-on

Source: Google Search Filter – Chrome Web Store

This is a pretty cool add-on for Google Chrome. With it, you can highlight results from websites you like while hiding results from websites you don’t want to see (I’m looking at you Pinterest…).

Once installed, go to google.com and click on the extension in the toolbar. it asks you to create a passcode for syncing. This can be anything you want, but you need to keep it secret.

Unfortunately, it is shown in the settings box, so don’t open that in front of your students.

Put a + in front of domains that you want to highlight:


And don’t put anything in front of domains you want to hide:


The hashtag can be used for comments.

# This is a comment

Now, when you perform a search, sites that you like will be highlighted while sites you don’t like will be hidden.

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