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For all the advantages that the Internet has brought, communication can still be problematic. Email is still the king of the hill with Internet using American Workers, but it really isn’t a very good medium for conversations by being limited to who can see and take part. Twitter chats are big with educators, but are difficult to follow and have the disadvantage of being asynchronous. Living in the Eastern Time Zone I rarely hear contributions from the west coast, let alone world-wide. There are also web forums, but they can be cumbersome to use. With the current technologies, people tend to write first, read later, in hopes of being read. This doesn’t promote conversations.

Discourse aims to be a better web forum, where the focus is on reading and participating, not just on being heard. I’ve set up a Discourse forum at as a place to foster communication and collaboration in the education community. Check it out, it’s online for you.

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