Create interactive fiction with Squiffy

Source: Squiffy – A simple way to write interactive fiction

Do you want to write interactive stories, but Twine seems a little too complicated? Then try out Squiffy.

Squiffy is available to use in your browser, or you can download the application version for Windows. macOS, or Linux.

For the web based version, you can hop right in and start working without an account. But, you can’t really save. Well, you can download the story you are working on, but there isn’t a way to upload it. However, your story is simply text written in the left side. If you want to use the site but not worry about accounts, students can write their squiffy script in any word processor and paste it into the Squiffy editor.

Things get harder if you want to publish without an account. The site will let you download the html and javascript for your game, but then you have to find somewhere to host it.

If you create an account on the site, things get a lot easier. You can log in with a Microsoft, Facebook, or Google account, or you can create an email/password log in.

The stories written are pretty low frills, text only affairs, but sometimes limitations are what foster creativity.

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