CURMUDGUCATION: Teaching in a Post-Fact World

Stephen Colbert warned us when he coined the term “truthiness” for those things that feel satisfyingly true, but have no actual basis in fact.

And now we are swimming in it. From a Washington Post piece about brexit:

All of this has come about thanks to a world that is increasingly suspicious of experts. Please, can we choose another category of people to be suspicious of other than experts, which is just another word for “people who have spent their entire lives trying to learn more about complex subjects than the average person, so that they can give us informed advice”? How about “non-experts”? How about “people who know less than we do but assure us that things will probably be fine”?

Source: CURMUDGUCATION: Teaching in a Post-Fact World

Fascinating article facts, experts, and our own voice in the classroom. Now excuse me, I have to go punch a badger.

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