Cybersecurity tips for teenagers

Now that school is back in session, many high schoolers have new phones, new computers and new privileges for using their devices – and new responsibilities too. High schoolers today are more technology-savvy than average adults. While many people think that young people use their devices primarily for video games and social networking, the reality today is that high schoolers use technology for learning as much as for entertainment.

Source: What teenagers need to know about cybersecurity

A pretty useful and no-nonsense list of  precautions to check when using electronic devices. One item missing is the security of photos. When you send a photo from your smartphone, there is a pretty good chance the photo is going to have some private information attached. Most notably is the GPS coordinates of where the photo was taken. Never send a picture to someone you don’t know or barely know. If your curious about the information attached to your photos, use a site such as metapicz to view the data.

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