École 42 is a free French coding school without teachers

“I would mainly say it’s not about learning.”

“We think we are an art school.”

“Knowledge is un-useful, dangerous, and removes your freedom.”

All of this must be put in the context of programming, and how information technology has changed. École 42 is not about learning because learning has traditionally been about mastering a body of content, or set of skills.

“We should not try to learn and memorize stuff,” Sadirac says. “It’s dangerous, it makes you less agile.”

Source: École 42, a free, teacher-less university founded by French billionaire Xavier Niel is schooling thousands of future-proof programmers — Quartz

The school has some impressive stats, students attend for 3 to 5 years with 80% having a job before they finish their courses and 100% are employed after they finish.

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