Adults have problems with basic math

Suppose, a litre of cola costs US$3.15. If you buy one third of a litre of cola, how much would you pay?

The above may seem like a rather basic question. Something that you would perhaps expect the vast majority of adults to be able to answer? Particularly if they are allowed to use a calculator.

Unfortunately, the reality is that a large number of adults across the world struggle with even such basic financial tasks (the correct answer is US$1.05, by the way).

Source: High number of adults unable to do basic mathematical tasks

Unfortunately, the research only describes the problem adults have with basic math, and the article doesn’t offer any insight into why this is or what solutions.

I test fast food workers a lot when I pay for a meal. For example, on a $4.72 bill I’ll pay $5.22 so I can get two quarters back. It really baffles some of them, to the point where I say, type it in to the register and you’ll see why.

This is also an issue when people are looking at smartphones. “I bought an iPhone X because it’s only costing me $49.91 a month.” No, you’re paying $1,197.84 over the next 24 months for a $999 phone….

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