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Edcerpts are my weekly round up of interesting links and ideas I discovered on the internet. It is published on Mondays for the previous week





  • RSS Aggregation Made Easier with FeedBro – To paraphrase Monty Python, RSS isn’t dead yet! I use it every day to keep up on news, and if you listen to podcasts, you are using it too. Here’s a neat browser extension that adds RSS feeds back to the browser. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sync, but it still is useful!

Pop Culture

Pot Pourri

  • HMH to Acquire NWEA – NWEA – This is not good news. Now Houghton Mifflin Harcourt will recommend their own products that will help your students not learn any better, but how to help them take the MAP test better.
  • Planning Fallacy – I’ve been trying to channel my internal Scotty, I mean, how else are you going to be known as a miracle worker?

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