Email scheduling is coming to Gmail

G Suite’s journey began 15 years ago with the introduction of Gmail in 2004. Back then, Gmail pioneered a new and secure approach to email with 1GB of free storage and lightning-fast Google search built right in. Gmail continues to help people manage their work and personal lives with the help of useful innovations—from priority inbox, smart labels and spam filtering to Smart Reply, Smart Compose and nudges—all the while ensuring that email remains a safe, secure, and user-friendly experience for all.

Today, as we celebrate 15 years of innovation in Gmail, we’re excited to announce new features that promise to bring even greater efficiency and assistance.

Source: 15 years and counting—making Gmail work faster and smarter for businesses | Google Cloud Blog

Although there have been other services that allowed you to schedule sending of email, such as Boomerang and Spark, being able to schedule emails directly in Gmail will be welcome.

Teachers can use this to schedule reminders to be sent out to students in advance. Administrators can help promote a work/life balance by scheduling emails to be sent during the day. All in all, a welcome addition!

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