Employees need skills, not degrees

Of course, a company is only as great as its employees. At the recently held ASU GSV Summit, Weiner revealed the actions his company is taking to look for talent in non-traditional places. Speaking about the qualities LinkedIn is looking for in potential hires, which includes passion and fire, a great work ethic, perseverance, loyalty, and a growth mindset, Weiner said the following:

These are qualities that you don’t necessarily pick up from a degree. There are qualities…that have a tendency to be completely overlooked when people are sifting through résumés or LinkedIn profiles. And yet, increasingly, we find that these are the kinds of people that make the biggest difference within our organization.

Increasingly I hear this mantra: Skills, not degrees. It’s not skills at the exclusion of degrees. It’s just expanding our perspective to go beyond degrees.

Three words that can make all the difference in the hiring process:

Skills, not degrees.

Source: In Just 3 Words, LinkedIn’s CEO Taught a Brilliant Lesson in How to Find Great People | Inc.com

And some of these skills that business want are not stressed enough in school. The ability to work with others, and as a team are very important skills to have in today’s world.

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