CS Is Not The Solution

Anyway, in the case of coding for all, advocates often make an economic claim, one that says American companies will be desperate for new workers to write software, with the numbers often in the hundreds of thousands.

Source: CS Is Not The Solution – Assorted Stuff

By: Erik (HASH) Hersman

I don’t really know who is talking about the coding for all movement as a means to train future programmers. Programming is a great way to learn different concepts and to reinforce what is taught in the classroom. My comment from the above mentioned site:

I’m a big advocate of teaching programming to all levels of students, but it is never about the students becoming programmers. It’s to instill in students a basic understanding of how technology works, what boolean logic is, and the basic of computer science.

Students learn to write without the expectations of becoming authors. They learn music without the expectations of becoming musicians. They learn basketball, baseball, and other sports without the expectations of becoming professional athletes. Why would teaching programming be any different?


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