Engineers with disabilities? No problem.

He finally got hired by an engineering firm through a family connection. He worked there for three years until the company went bankrupt in 2001. His next job hunt was nine months long. “I tried the most direct, in-your-face approach I could think of,” says Driscoll. To demonstrate his ability to do the job, he videotaped himself working at his desk. Finally, one interviewer at Faurecia’s automotive seating group seemed more intrigued than put off by his disability. (He drives his wheelchair with his chin.)

“I told [the interviewer] I know how to solve problems. I know how to look for solutions. Despite what you’re looking at, I’m a go-getter. If I don’t know how to do it, I’ll learn it and I’ll get it done,” he says. Faurecia made an offer, and Driscoll is still there.

Source: Why Hire Engineers With Disabilities? They’re Practiced Problem Solvers

I love the term “practiced problem solvers”. This article has some great success stories to share.

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