Excessive screen time blamed for rise of teens needing glasses

So many people, especially young people and teenagers, spend a significant period of time each day staring at a screen of some kind, whether that be a computer, smartphone, tablet, or the regular old TV. Now, a new study is warning parents that all that screen time may be behind a stunning rise in children who need prescription glasses.

Source: Study Blames Disturbing Rise In Teens Who Need Glasses On Excessive Screen Time – Study Finds

Some may point to this article as a reason to limit screen time, but there are so many better reasons to limit screen time. There were studies in the late 90s and early 00s about screen use, and they found that kids eyestrain from screen time was no different than if the kids read books. This was back when reading was done on a computer screen, probably CRT though.

It boils down to, everything in moderation.

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