Flippity.net: Easily Turn Google Spreadsheets into Flashcards and Other Cool Stuff

Flippity.net is an awesome website that integrates with Google Sheets.


There are 8 tools that you can use, Flashcards, Quiz Show, Spelling Words, MadLibs, Random Name Picker, Badge Tracker, Progress Indicator and Certificate Quiz. Each tool has a link to a demo page so you can see it in action, and a link to the instructions for the tool. In a nutshell, each tool has a Google Sheets template that you will make a copy of, and then fill in with the information required for the tool.

The only problem I saw with these tools is the fact that you have to make the spreadsheet public. In flippity.net’s defense, this is unavoidable for the tools to work, and the likely hood of someone stumbling onto the Google Sheet is very, very slim.

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