Getting started with Twitter Chats

Learn how to engage and build your personal learning network with Twitter chats.

What is a Twitter chat?

Twitter chats use the concept of hashtags to group tweets together. You can also reply to questions directly on Twitter, and the site will keep your reply with the original Tweet. There are several education Twitter chats covering a wide range of topics.

Format of Twitter chats

Most Twitter chats have one or two people acting as a moderator. These moderators start the conversation with a starter question or series of questions. Participants can then add their own thoughts to the conversation thread, or propose their own questions to gather more information.

What’s in it for me

There are a few benefits for participating in a Twitter chat. One, you get a chance to increase your knowledge of an aspect of education. Next, you can meet and expand your personal learning network with people that work in the same areas as you. Finally, it’s a chance to grow and listen to divergent ideas that you may not have thought about before.

Ready to get started? Check out this calendar of education related Twitter Chats!

I’ve also created a video on participating in a Twitter chat:

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