Google like a hacker

An internet search is one of the most completed activities done on the internet, and the search engine of choice is usually Google. But, how can you get the most of Google? Here are some of the best tips I’ve found.

Use quotes

Put quotes around terms that should be together. Instead of searching for 

Exclude terms with the minus sign

If you are searching for temperate rainforests, you can exclude sites mentioning tropical rainforests using a minus: temperate rainforests -tropical. By excluding terms, you can cut down on some of the chaff in your results.

Search a particular site

Have you ever been on a site that had a crappy search? In the future, you can use site:DOMAINNAME.TLD SEARCHTERM to search a particular site, DOMAINNAME.TLD for SEARCHTERM.

Search only in the title

Use intitle:SEARCHTERM to look for text only in the title of the web page.

Bonus tip

This one works on all sites. When you are viewing a page of search results or links, hold down the control key (command key on the Mac) and then click on the link. This will open the link in a new tab, leaving your search results unperturbed in the current tab. 

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