Grade 8 science teacher revolutionizes classroom by making it a year long RPG

The Minotaur King has a grip on the hero, Master Heebs, who refuses to divulge where he has hidden a rare and precious gem.

Tasked with liberating their master and reclaiming their resource-rich land are 22 eighth graders armed with tablets and a mini whiteboard. They will defeat the Minotaur King with a series of quests, battles, and treasure hunts, earning precious objects and experience points on the way.

Welcome to science teacher Scott Hebert’s classroom in Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Junior High School, where lessons transport students to another time and place.

There are no chairs or tables in this unconventional classroom — just painter’s tape on the floor marking each group’s territory, a series of fabric tents, and castle-themed wall decor.

While some teachers dabble in using games to teach concepts or build skills, Hebert has morphed the whole school year into running narrative that culminates in a battle with the Minotaur King.

Source: Game on: The Grade 8 science class crammed with action and rewards | Edmonton Journal

It’s exciting how well gamification is working for this teacher! I hope the time commitment becomes less as he gets more comfortable with the format. When I’ve done gamification in my classroom, I noticed how much time it took just to keep track of points.

Gamification is shown to work though.

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