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3061519-inline-i-2-why-the-web-is-making-itself-look-slower-than-it-really-isA friendly robot greets me on Facebook. He’s dressed like a doctor, stethoscope and all, here to do a security checkup. So for the next 5 to 10 seconds, I wait as he pokes and prods my account. “He’s really taking good care of me!” I think, when I start to wonder: Are Facebook’s servers really taking that long?The short answer is no. Facebook actually slows down its interface to make users feel safe, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed in an email. “While our systems perform these checks at a much faster speed than people can actually see, it’s important that they understand what we do behind the scenes to protect their Facebook account,” the spokesperson wrote. “UX can be a powerful education tool and walking people through this process at a slower speed allows us to provide a better explanation and an opportunity for people to review and understand each step along the way.”

Source: The UX Secret That Will Ruin Apps For You | Co.Design | business + design

There is a game I play on my iPhone, Carcasonne. To practice, I’ll play the computer, and it always ticks me off how quick the computer completes its move. I mean, if the moves were lousy I wouldn’t be as frustrated, but the moves are quite brilliant.

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