Greenshot is an awesome screenshot tool for Windows and Mac

Source: Greenshot

Everyone has their favorite screenshot tool, and more pop up every day. Greenshot came up in my searches for a screenshot tool for Windows and it is currently my favorite screenshot tool. Greenshot only works on Windows and Mac, and is only free on Windows. If you want to run it on the Mac it costs $1.99. At this point, the Mac version isn’t at feature parity with the Windows version, but I believe it is worth it to help support development of the product.

Greenshot has most of the standard features that a screenshot tool should have, and then some extras:

  • Direct upload to cloud storage services including Box, Dropbox, Imgur, and Flickr
  • A step numbering tool, allowing you to automatically increment numbered bullets on your screenshot.
  • A blur tool
  • An obscure tool
  • Add a shadow to the screenshot

This is a pretty cool tool, and one I will be using when I’m running Windows.

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