Highlight sites in Google search results with the Google Search Filter extension

Google search results can be a little overwhelming for students. A search for volcano leaves you with 100,000,000 results. Google Search Filter is an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to highlight results from certain sites and hide results from other sites.

Once installed, head over to Google.com to configure the extension. It will first ask for a sync password. This can be anything you want, it’s used to sync the settings across different Chrome installations.

Now you are ready to put in some domains to highlight. Put a + and a partial domain for sites you want to highlight. I started simple:

After adding some domains, my search changed from this:

To this:

Any site hosted on a government or college domain name will now show up highlighted. The directions are a little confusing. To hide a site from your results, you place the domain on a line by itself. So, a + highlights a site and nothing but the domain hides the site. The pound sign (#) acts as a comment, so you can change what shows or is highlighted by inserting a # at the beginning of the line.

For students, this extension will help them find the information they need more quickly.


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