{Edchat} How can our social interaction addiction be used in the classroom?

A new study of dysfunctional use of smart technology finds that the most addictive smartphone functions all share a common theme: they tap into the human desire to connect with other people. The findings, published in Frontiers in Psychology, suggest that smartphone addiction could be hyper-social, not anti-social.

“There is a lot of panic surrounding this topic,” says Professor Samuel Veissière, from the Department of Psychiatry at McGill University, Canada. “We’re trying to offer some good news and show that it is our desire for human interaction that is addictive—and there are fairly simple solutions to deal with this.”

Source: We are not addicted to smartphones, we are addicted to social interaction

Everything in moderation, it’s when our social interactions become an addiction that it is a problem. How can we use this need for social interaction in the classroom?

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