How do you onboard new teachers?

In early 2020 I was tapped to design an onboarding program for three new Instructional Designers that would be added to our team in the coming months.

I decided to take a multi-modal approach to designing the onboarding experience, balancing consistent, online, low-touch eLearning experiences with high-touch, rich, interactive, learner-centered constructivist activities. Now that it’s completed and has been implemented, I’ve had time to take a look back and summarize how it went.

Source: Instructional Designer Onboarding – a Multi-Modal Approach – Ted

I’m guilty of just expecting new teachers to know things, making me reactive to their issues instead of being proactive. This article could be used for your classes at the beginning of each year. I’m going to be taking several of the ideas, especially creating checklists.

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