Hundreds of millions of jobs to be automated by 2030

The McKinsey Global Institute cautions that as many as 375 million workers will need to switch occupational categories by 2030 due to automation.

The work most at risk of automation includes physical jobs in predictable environments, such as operating machinery or preparing fast food. Data collection and processing is also in the crosshairs, with implications for mortgage origination, paralegals, accounts and back-office processing.

To remain viable, workers must embrace retraining in different fields. But governments and companies will need to help smooth what could be a rocky transition.

Source: 375 million jobs may be automated by 2030, study suggests – Nov. 28, 2017

It’s even more important to teach students critical thinking and help them find their thirst for knowledge. The worker of tomorrow (and I’d say even today) needs to be constantly learning new things to stay relevant.


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