Interesting research in laptop and tablet use in the university

The study, carried out by the researchers José Ignacio Castillo Manzano, Mercedes Castro Nuño, Lourdes López Valpuesta, Teresa Sanz Díaz and Rocío Yñiguez Ovando, concludes that the profile of the  user in the classroom is different from that of the  user. In the first case, maturity takes precedence, that is to say, they are students who have experience in the use of laptops in pre-university education or who have been at the university for several years: as well as having different socio-economic characteristics like living away from their parents, without having any family member to look after. For their part, tablet users are usually female, they live with their parents and they have just left school.

Source: Laptops and tablets in the classroom: How to integrate electronic devices in the university

The findings are not something I’ve read about in the laptop vs tablet debate. I find they both have their pluses and minuses, but would not have assumed that laptop use in high school would lend itself to a student more likely to use a laptop in college vs a tablet.

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