Internet celebrity summer camp for kids

This is the inaugural year for SocialStar Creator Camp, an offshoot of an actor camp that takes place every summer near LA. It’s three days of intensive influencer workshops focusing on monetization, branding, and the basics of shooting and editing video, all aimed at kids in their early teens to mid-20s. At first, the idea sounds like the recipe for a reality TV show. You’d expect to see kids clinging to their phones like a lifeline, or parading around filming everything. The reality was a group of surprisingly business-minded teens with an eye on their futures.

Source: Take a trip to Los Angeles’ new internet celebrity summer camp – The Verge

I guess this shouldn’t be a big surprise, there is a lot of money to be made. The camp does focus on the business side, and how to stay safe and deal with online bullies.The prices don’t seem out of line compared to other types of summer camps either.

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