Salesforce wants to boost productivity by using machine language to summarize texts

The ability to summarize text has been built into Apple’s OS X for awhile. It does a pretty good job, but Salesforce wants to take it to the next level to boost productivity.

In 2017, the average person is expected to spend 12 hours and 7 minutes every day consuming some form of mediaand that number will only go up from here.

Improved natural language text summaries present great potential for people and businesses of all industries to boost productivity. Take sales for example. The average B2B selling cycle may take weeks or months, and often generates lengthy and complex email threads. With our improved text summarization, reps could quickly get recaps of all emails over the course of an open opportunity, understand the important highlights and easily identify the appropriate next step, rather than spending hours manually retracing the conversation.


If this could be applied to education, students could have differentiated texts easily created by the teacher, tailored for the students particular needs. Summarizing isn’t an excuse not to read a full length book or article, but it could provide a nice introduction to a longer work, or be used in review.

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