Lifelong learning is now a requirement

It’s safe to say that “the career for life” is over. People now hold an average of 15 jobs in their working lifetime. What’s more, according to Deloitte the lifespan of a skill has decreased to just five years from 30 on average. Rapid technological advancements are increasingly impacting the traditionally steady trajectory of professional development, as businesses adopt new operational solutions which employees must master.

Source: The current rate of technological change means careerlong-learning is now a must | ITProPortal

This has been coming for awhile. I remember growing up in rural Ohio, where most of my peers were going to get a factory job out of high school and stay there for 30 years. Nowadays, factory jobs are being replaced with information jobs and jobs that didn’t even exist 15 years ago. Who would have ever thought that social media director or social influencer would be a job? I can’t wait to see what jobs pop up in the next 15-20 years!

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